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Various styles of Massage Therapy
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Various styles of Massage Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage

Clients frequently ask me questions about Deep Tissue massage. What exactly is Deep Tissue Massage? How does it work? Do I need it? Will I benefit from it? How painful is it?
As with any type of massage the first and most important goal is to find a qualified and experienced therapist, who will be able to asses and meet your needs. She/he will rule out contra indications ( such as fever, recent injuries/fractures, tumors, blood clots, heart disease, cancer, open wounds or otherwise compromised skin to name a few ). I suggest you always check with your physician to be cleared for Deep Tissue Massage.
The goal of Deep Tissue Massage is to re-align the fibers and deeper layers of your muscles, as well as surrounding connective tissues. Injury, toxins, overuse and stress can cause adhesions in your tissue. Those appear rigid and rope like to touch, may present painful and oftentimes limit range of motion. Deep Tissue Massage will address these adhesions through slow and focused pressure. Depending on treated area, the therapist will use finger tips, knuckles, palms, elbows and forearms. Some therapists may utilize tools to increase pressure, however I prefer manual contact, allowing me to truly tune into my client. Aside from client's verbal feedback I check for breathing patterns, spontaneous sweating, change in muscle tonus etc. Adhesions may cause or contribute to conditions such as muscle tension, repetitive strain/injury, limited range of motion, posture mal-alignment, joint dysfunction and more. Deep Tissue Massage breaks up the adhesions, restoring circulation and nutrient exchange. It is important to be well hydrated on day of treatment to allow optimal elimination of toxins released into lymph system, particularly after the session. A certain degree of discomfort is to be expected during Deep Tissue Massage, but I strongly oppose inflicting great levels of pain at any point, risking flare up of tissue. In my 20 years of experience I have concluded the phrase "no pain, no gain" simply does not make sense, nor does it achieve better results. On the contrary, a client who trusts you, will ultimately be more relaxed and actually allow deeper work than a client, who is guarded and involuntarily tightens muscles to avoid pain. I always incorporate Hot Stone Massage to increase circulation and soothe your stressed nervous system, bringing about balance and healing on all levels. Deep Tissue Massage will benefit clients with chronic conditions and pain, breaking the cycle of trauma to tissue that never quite seems to heal or function optimally.

Manual Lymph Drainage

Manual Lymph Drainage is a massage technique that uses very gentle, rhythmicstrokes, encouraging your lymph system to eliminate waste products, toxins, bacteria and excess fluids from your body. Its benefits include deep relaxation, improved nutrient exchange in all cells, detoxification, regeneration of soft tissue and enhancement of immune system. It makes an excellent addition for a cleanse you might be considering, along with detoxifying baths. During my training, receiving daily treatments I was amazed at the level of improvement I felt in my overall well being:
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