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Self Care - Soul Care

Connecting with Nature

Let’s face it… our world is changing more rapidly than ever. Technology and automation are progressing at lightning’s speed. Car vending machines, online shopping/delivery and gadgets that practically change overnight all designed to be more efficient and time saving. I ask myself all the time what do people do with all the extra time and in what way does it improve our quality of life? It seems to me we are more stressed, ill, depressed, aggressive and less connected than ever. We touch our gadgets more than we do a flower, pet or another person.

"Self Care - Soul Care" January

In this section I invite you to come on a Journey with me… a Journey to Self-Awareness. We do so by exploring the many aspects of ourselves and ways to nurture our whole being. Rather than having thoughts like “I have to change” “I really should exercise” “I need stop eating like this” and “This will be hard”, look at it as an adventure! You will truly be discovering new things about yourself! Have fun with it! Start small…

At the beginning of December I made a promise to myself to do at least one conscious thing a day 
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