"Self Care - Soul Care" January
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Self Care - Soul Care
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"Self Care - Soul Care" January

In this section I invite you to come on a Journey with me… a Journey to Self-Awareness. We do so by exploring the many aspects of ourselves and ways to nurture our whole being. Rather than having thoughts like “I have to change” “I really should exercise” “I need stop eating like this” and “This will be hard”, look at it as an adventure! You will truly be discovering new things about yourself! Have fun with it! Start small…

At the beginning of December I made a promise to myself to do at least one conscious thing a day just for me. I have kept that promise and in fact I am looking daily to do more. It grows on you! Sooo... no excuses! Everybody can do this! Maybe it’s telling yourself 5 things you like about yourself while you’re doing dishes - some of my most creative ideas sparked while standing there, doing a mundane task, my mind free to wander... Dancing while you’re vacuuming, go ahead and boogie! Really tasting and enjoying that first juicy peach of the summer... Appeal to all your senses and often throughout each day! Surprise yourself with actually stopping to smell the roses! Be present in your body and listen...

In a way we will create a map, showing us where we are, where we would like to go and of course how to get there. Please keep in mind in the following issues of my newsletter I am simply offering you ideas and suggestions to get you started. As a Holistic Health Practitioner it is always my desire to educate others about relating topics and its core perspective. Alternative or Integrative Medicine is now being used in one form or another by about 40% of adults in our country (in Germany it's about 75%). Ultimately you are at the wheel and you will choose what resonates with you – as you should… it is after all your body, your life.

Meditation, Reflection, Journaling, Visualization, Affirmations, Vision Boards, Colors

The Path to Self-Awareness begins inwards, finding stillness and inspiration. Meditation is therefore a great start for your day. Frankincense Essential Oil - featured above right - is a beautiful addition, as it eases your mind and nerves. It doesn’t have to be a full on half hour or more, sometimes just a few minutes can ease you into a peaceful state from which it will be much easier to navigate your day. Take this very important time for yourself before you "plug in"... before you check your phone, coordinate schedules, prepare lunches, answer emails, get the kids up and walk the dog... you get the idea.

Focusing on slow and full breathing will oxygenate every cell in your body, giving you a head start to combat stress. Sometimes I meditate with cards from the many oracle sets I have. They hold special messages alongside beautiful art and I ask for whatever I might want to pay attention to this day. At night I like to finish with reflection and gratitude... so very important - and needless to say, much more effective in calming your mind and body than stressing out already about the next day! It’s like the couple that won’t go to sleep angry at each other… find your sweet spot with gratitude... you will sleep and dream much nicer!

There’s a wonderful App for meditation called “Insight” – it literally has something for everyone! Guided meditations on pretty much any topic you can imagine, nature sounds, drumming, gongs to time yourself and tons more... try it!

I’m very fond of visualization. Some call it daydreaming…  its a powerful way to bring what we desire into our lives through imagery - especially when we connect them to feelings. I can pull up the most magical images in my head anytime and anywhere. It’s a trip!

I also like external stimuli like affirmations posted to my mirror, vision boards, pictures and paintings (like the one I brought back from Hawaii of a sea turtle to keep me inspired for my next time there) and colors. Anyone who’s been to my wonderful house knows I love, love, love color! You can shift your mood and outlook easily by surrounding yourself with colors that resonate with you. Research color therapy if you like and you can create your environment to harmonize with you. Always ask yourself though “What color do I want in this room?”

As you meditate, reflect and contemplate you may want to journal. Sometimes writing things out we are processing can give us deeper insight and awareness. You also give your thoughts energy and form in this way. And so life unfolds…

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