Computer Shoulder and Neck Strain
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Computer Shoulder and Neck Strain

Computer Shoulder and Neck Strain

I have worked on my share of hard core athletes in my 20 years of practice and I will tell you "nobody" even comes close to the neck and shoulder regions of my computer clients, as far as tightness is concerned. They present with "knots" hard as golf balls and "rope like" muscle fibers any Cirque de Soleil acrobat would be happy to climb! Our bodies simply were not designed for the amounts of stress those little magical machines produce for our posture - even with the best ergonomics. And furthermore, who has access to those, or utilizes them faithfully? It's easy to forget about good posture when you are completely absorbed in your project - until those muscles are fatigued and ultimately go into spasm... sound familiar?  

Hours every day at the computer causes repetitive stress injury, bringing with it multiple symptoms, which may include to various degrees:
* Inability to reach for wallet/cell phone in back pocket
* Difficulty fastening bra behind back
* Restriction/pain raising arms sideways
* Pain/tingling/numbness radiating down arm into hand
* Limited range of motion in neck and shoulders
* Discomfort sleeping at night
* Headaches and more...

Deep Tissue Massage in my opinion is the best way to address these symptoms quickly to break the vicious cycle of pain and chronically re-injuring yourself. It breaks up adhesions and re-aligns muscle fibers to allow circulation and proper function. Heat (Heating pad, hot shower) also assists with circulation, once the muscles have been loosened up appropriately. Take short breaks and move shoulders in backward circles to keep blood flowing. Set an alarm to remind you once per hour. Let's face it, we get too absorbed in our projects and ignore pain until it stops us. Making small adjustments can make a huge difference!

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