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"I have known and worked with Anke for the past 35 years. She is incredibly passionate and at the same time meticulous about the work she does. Thanks Anke for caring so much about people's health and well being."
Susie Walton, Founder of Indigo Village, Author, Family Coach

"I've been seeing Anke since 2004 while I was playing in the NFL. She is a very talented, caring professional who is helpful in facilitating one's spiritual Journey toward self awareness."
Donny Edwards, Former NFL Player

"Anke has an amazing ability to find the exact spot that needs healing and energy. In massage she worked with my deep tissues and found spots I didn't even know needed healing. As a teacher she has the same ability to bring light into my life in areas that need progress. I'm very grateful to have met a woman that is skilled in many different areas of healing." 

"Anke Kramer is not only a skilled Massage therapist but a caring and talented Healer. She integrates many techniques ( Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Aromatherapy and more) into a standard session. She has provided me with some of my most memorable and decadent body work. Much gratitude, Anke!
Jenny L.

"Anke gives the best massage I ever received. I am a professional snowboarder who competes in the X games/Dew tour etc. and it's safe to say that without her healing touch and experience in sports related injuries I don't know if I could continue on competing at this high level. Thanks, Anke
Jarret T., Professional Snowboarder

"Anke's treatment was the most comprehensive and therapeutic therapy I have ever experienced. She listened to my needs and exceeded my expectations. Her use of multiple modalities completely alleviated my pain and she even addressed health needs I was unaware of. It was a truly delightful and healing experience."
Christina Anthony, L.Ac.

"Let me explain briefly where this reference comes from --- I taught anatomy and physiology of exercise for 12 years at University. I have been a massage therapist for 28 years, clients to include three winners of the Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii. I was also massage therapist for members of the Australian Tri Team as well as other Olympic and international athletes. I have experienced a vast amount of different styles of massage and by far Anke is the most gifted therapist I have had work on me. She is highly educated in Physical Therapy and in turn has the gift of knowing exactly what is needed."
Barry Jones, MS

Anke is amazing and I can't recommend her highly enough.  She knows just what to do if I have an injury or if I just need a peaceful, restorative massage.  She is extremely knowledgeable and talented.        
Natalie V.

I can't say more great things about my experience with Anke! She is absolutely everything I was looking for. Someone with great wisdom and a welcoming heart. I moved to the area not too long ago and was nervous about finding the right fit for myself. And Anke couldn't have been more perfect for what I was (am) needing! I went in so locked up, drained in every aspect, overly stressed, on the edge of a complete mental breakdown and left feeling like a completely new woman! Even my partner mentioned that I seemed so much more grounded than before!! Truly such a special experience for myself and encourage anyone else that feels like they need some much needed TLC to go to Anke!                                       
Courtney G.

A series of unforeseen connections steered me to Anke.  If you are open minded and open hearted, and something deep inside you is calling,  Anke is likely the answer.  If you're reading this review, your life connections have already guided you to Embrace Infinity.  Contact Anke and let her know what your self is telling you that you need.  She will guide your steps gently down the path of Healing.

Her home-based studio is a relaxing and healing space .... a welcoming and serene setting in a beautiful slice of nature.  Beautiful views of Lake Hodges.  The space she did her massage treatment in is part cave, part womb, and pure Peace.  I could feel the healing energy as I pulled up to her house.  When I entered the room, my Spirit knew I was "home".  Add Anke's  energy and Spirit - it becomes a Magical Space.

Her massage techniques and methods are as diverse as her State of Grace  ... essential oils,  hot stones, lymphatic, etc -- she is a true "Healer".  It's a calling for her, and I am so Grateful she answered it.  She brings all her senses, and they flow out of her as a blessing.  She is intuitive, observant, and a master artist 

At just the right time, she went to the areas of my greatest physical pain, tightness, and discomfort.  Then, she flowed effortlessly to areas of greater need that I was unaware of - until she began to work them.  The lymphatic work is something that has already set me on new healing trajectories.  I am so Grateful the Universe placed Anke on my path to LovingKindness in my own Self care.  I can barely contain my enthusiasm for my next visit.. 

Read her Bio and background on her website.  Read some of the other testimonials here.

The end of a 30+ year marriage, my father's ailing Health, caring for my Father while simultaneously healing abuse I suffered at his hands as a boy, my brother suffering a horrific electrocution .... four years ago, these events broke me.  Fortunately, I found my way out of pain and self injury mindsets I learned as a child.  I now have (re)claimed the inner Wonder and Purity every child is born with.  I am finally becoming whole.  The fact it took 58 years only makes it sweeter.  Anke is now a significant piece in my personal healing journey.

Whatever path you're on, if you've come across Anke, you are on the good path.

Shaman, Healer, and a Great Spirit.  One can't have too many Angels in ones Life. Add Anke!
Benjamin G.

Anke Kramer is not only a skilled massage therapist but a caring and talented healer.  She has provided me with some of my most memorable and decadent body work.  It is always a treat to go see her for some loving touch. She integrates many techniques (hot stones, deep tissue, aromatherapy and sound therapy) into a standard session.  Of course you can communicate to her if you have special needs or desires!  She has a background in physical therapy too which makes her very tuned into working carefully on or around injured areas. I give her a strong recommendation- her prices are very reasonable and she will exceed expectations. Treat yourself or a loved one today!  She also offers gift certificates- perfect for Mother's Day or a birthday! Much gratitude Anke!                                                          Jenny L. 

I was looking for a new massage therapist and found Anke on Yelp. I am a runner and moderately athletic in other ways, and need occasional massage to relieve muscle soreness. I need someone who can go purposefully deep.  Anke is very strong and very knowledgeable about anatomy and athletics.   She's also sensitive and observant and adjusts appropriately.  I gladly recommend her and will visit again.                                                                                                                                     Jeff A.

Amazing! Anke knows her stuff and really listens to you. I'm a personal trainer and I work out hard.  Anke's background in physical therapy is extremely helpful if I get injured or if I am out of alignment.  I feel like a new person after I leave her studio. I wish I could go every day. She used to work on the Chargers so if she can handle those beat up bodies, she can definitely handle yours.  I'm really picky when it comes to deep tissue and she is one of the best I've ever had.                           Kim C.

I was referred to Anke by a friend. I can say, hands down, that she gives one of the best massages I've ever experienced, and I have had massages from many different therapists. Here's why: Many massage therapists are good and know their anatomy, but talk your ear off during what is supposed to be a relaxing experience. Anke is not chatty during our massages, she plays relaxing music, her massage room is beautiful and cozy, and she really knows her stuff in terms of how the musculoskeletal body functions. She goes DEEP, which is what I need. I feel her intention is to dedicate her magic hands to each client's needs. My body and mind are healed after our sessions; she instinctively knows where on my body needs extra care. Anke is strong yet nurturing. I am lucky I have found such a gem. Kelley J.

I was referred to Anke by my Acupuncturist who highly recommended her for deep tissue massage.  I have had many excellent therapists over the years and I can say, hands down :), that Anke has given me the best results yet.  She was able to achieve a breakthrough session for my calf muscles and hamstrings that has been key to regaining my flexibility and keeping my lower back in shape.  I highly recommend Anke and it is clear she knows her anatomy and muscle groups.  You won't be disappointed.              
Kendell L.

Anke brings a wonderful combination of practical hands-on experience, knowledge of body mechanics and anatomy and an authentic kindness to her massage therapy sessions. She has a gift for deep tissue bodywork and always brings personal attention to each session. I would recommend her to those with sports injuries, rehabilitation, and stress release. I trust my entire family (from my 16 year old daughter, 21 year old son, husband and my 87 year old mother) to Anke.                                                                     
Judy N.

A health professional referred me to Anke for a healing/therapeutic massage. I left her a message and she returned my message within hours. I needed to be seen soon, and she squeezed me in the next day on a late Friday afternoon. Lower back problems, including surgery, have plagued me for years - and Anke knew the exact touch required to begin breaking down the scar tissue without crippling me. She is very intuitive in her touch, experienced and obviously genuinely cares about her customers. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone - particularly if you are dealing with an injury or an area that requires delicate yet strong and healing massage. Give her a try, you won't be disappointed.                 
Ken L.

I have known Anke for many years and am always left feeling better after a visit with her. I suffer from Sciatic nerve pain from 3 herniated discs in my lower back. Instead of a second surgery, Anke helps keep me in check. I have seen many massage therapists over the years, but none can compete with Anke's deep tissue massage. She knows exactly where to target without me even telling her. She combines other techniques like hot stones and aromatherapy for a very relaxing experience. Her prices are reasonable and she makes you feel so comfortable throughout the session. I have and will continue to refer all of my family and friends to Anke. Thanks for everything Anke!                                                   
Nolan H.

I was in the market for a new massage therapist and after seeing all her five-star reviews on Yelp and learning about her history of working with athletes, I decided to give Anke a call. I was not disappointed. Her home-based studio is a relaxing and healing space. Her massage combines a variety of techniques and methods (i.e., hot stones, essential oils, lymphatic, etc -- she knows the whole gamut) and she is incredibly skilled and strong. She also listens and is observant -- managing to find the exact spot that needs to be released. I consistently leave her studio feeling relaxed and energized. 
Sue N.

Shamanic Healing, Readings, Classes:

It has been truly amazing and a great gift to me that I found Anke, first for massage and physical therapy for my twisted knee and hip ( which healed !) and then to experience her teaching a shamanic class last year. I have seen Anke for several personal shamanic healing sessions with great success and I have since implemented powerful changes in my life. I have found Anke's work to be both enlightening and healing!
In the shamanic sessions she took me through a process which helped me to identify my key issues of concern, and much to my surprise, to find an answer as to how to deal with these issues in a new and positive way!
I have great confidence in her skills and knowledge and intuitive ability to help others on their journey to see and find practical ways to overcome obstacles and work with opportunities for spiritual growth!
Thank you, Anke!

I just had a Shamanic Reading with Anke, and I have to say it was one of the most profound experiences I have ever had, she was amazing!!! She took so much time and care in my session, leaving no stone unturned, giving me information and insight that was life changing. Everything she said resonated with me, right into the core of my being - so much inspiration, wisdom, and healing. I was blown away! I don't think there are words to express my deep gratitude for this time with her. Her integrity, insight, and wisdom were a gift beyond anything I could have anticipated.
Cindy K.

I came to Anke for a shamanic healing session during a very troubled part of my life. The moment I walked into her door I knew I had come to the right place and to the right person. Anke allowed me to learn more about my self than I could have ever hoped for. Through her guidance and what I learned during this session I have been able to turn my life in the direction I want it to go.
Lucky, Arizona

I had an appointment with Anke today.  She fit me in after she had a cancellation which I truly appreciated because I really wanted to feel better sooner than later.  I had the Shamanic Healing Massage.  It was wonderful.  I felt lighter and the heavy energy I had when I came in dissipated before I left. She took the time to talk to me first and find out my concerns. She's a gifted healer. 
Thank you Anke!
Kathy B.

Anke is an amazing, gifted, gentle soul! The first time I met her, I felt immediately safe! Her energy was welcoming and nurturing ... My first visit was Shamanic healing, exactly what I was hoping for and more! Anke was very genuine and sincere, I feel that she went above and beyond! She gave me great insight and tools to work with. I took a 4 week class with her that was life changing. I am currently starting my second class, excited to go deeper into the wheel! Today after a bad fall this past week, I needed Anke's body work expertise. I have been in so much pain and unable to get away from it. She is an excellent massage therapist! My body was able to get relief from the pain I have been experiencing. I am grateful for Anke, I highly recommend her for body work, energy clearing and shamanic healing!

Anke studied Energy medicine/Shamanic Healing at the Four Winds Society, which I had never heard of. But, I did have curiosity about her shamanic practice so after a few traditional massage sessions, I felt comfortable asking her more about it and decided to give her Medicine Wheel class a try. It was a four week workshop, met for a few hours once a week, and was limited to 8 students. I arrived nervous and with one eyebrow raised, skeptical that it might be too new-agey or touchy-feely for me. It turns out, it was awesome. Yes, there were rattles and sacred space, which may not be everyone's cup of tea, particularly if you are a skeptic like me. But, at the end of the day, I'm so glad I gave the class a shot. The affect it has had on my life was profound. It helped that Anke is very genuine and down-to-earth. She's a real straight-shooter. No BS. Not pushy. Not new-agey/ethereal. Just very direct and straightforward, but also kind and remarkably perceptive.  

I admit I was surprised, maybe even a bit taken aback, at how the tools I learned in the class were helpful. I particularly found the three-card story and ancestral altar-building exercises to be great for self-reflection. But I was most surprised at the transformative affect using these tools had on my perspective and belief in myself! I had been at a place where I felt stuck for a long time, both personally and professionally. Her class gave me the boost and insight I needed to face fears head on and move forward. By the time the four weeks were up, I felt stronger. A few months later, I was able to line things up so I felt I could comfortably quit my job without having another one, take time to get some much-need rest, and have now secured a new job that I think I'm really going to love. Six months ago, I felt trapped in a cubicle, believed I was stuck and washed up, totally uncertain where to go next or what to do about it. Now, I am in the process of moving to a city that I've only dreamed of living in and for a job that I really think is going to work out well. 

I think to be successful with Shamanic Healing, you need to be open to taking a good, hard, honest look at yourself and not view it at as some kind of a magical cure-all for your problems. Anke and her co-teacher (Emily) for my particular class, supplied me with the tools I needed, but as with everything in life, only you can do the hard work. I cried on more than one occasion in my sessions, which isn't my typical modus operandi, so it was a safe space to be really open and she was great about supplying the tissue. My classmates were also very nice. I have told Anke more than once that, at least for me, her classes and our private sessions were more effective at helping me bring about life change in a short period of time than seeing a life coach or therapist. She helped me sort through some very tough issues and fears that had been holding me back for a long period of time. Now, I don't expect my life to always be rosy, but I do feel more confident that the next time life throws me multiple curve balls all at once, I have some effective tools in my bag to manage things better. Whether you decide to see Anke just for a traditional massage or if you have a curiosity about giving the shamanic classes a try like I did to develop some openness to bring some perspective change to your life, I'd highly recommend Anke's services. 
Sue N.

10/10. I'm not particularly spiritual, but Anke makes me feel so comfortable as she leads me to healing via spirituality. Never feel like she's BSing me, so down to earth and easy to talk to. Explains things and has the perfect vibes to make everything super approachable. I've been in 7 years of off & on therapy, and in 2 sessions I felt like I had made more progress than any single 6 months of therapy.

"My life has shifted so positively just after my first meeting with Anke through a Shaman Journeying gathering. Then I received a personal healing from her a couple weeks after and my life has been unraveling through a continuous healing process in ways I thought would take a long time such as getting through some old, old limitations I had programmed in my way of thinking and feeling since childhood. It was since as soon as I entered the healing sanctuary room that I felt an instant relief of heaviness and tension I had been carrying with me that day of healing and long before that. Anke's presence alone has made an impact in my life and the core of my being. I can say with conviction that her healing ability is powerful and deep encased. I am so very grateful to have crossed paths with her at this time in my life not only for the healing, but the continuous support I continually receive from the energetic work and personally from Anke."
Camille U.

This class was engaging and surprising at the same time revealing aspects of my past I have previously not reflected on such as my role in my family, old (behavioral) patterns and consequences, definitely stubbornness and the fledgling desire to be right all the time. The three card stories were a vital aspect in this self realization process and I did enjoy them maybe more than my fellow class mates because it came easy to me and also because I don't have to over-analyze everything anymore which is a milestone for me. Coming to the conclusion that living life day to day without major planning and accepting the journey- whatever it might be- is very helpful. I also can see the benefit of being in the different directions for a week at a time to learn and reflect on the lessons one can be confronted with and, if necessary, make peace with and learn from them. The blind tracking is a fascinating aspect of this process which I hope I can practice in the future with the people it is meant for. The Munay Ki rites were also a great enrichment and I am certainly trying to apply these ancient rites in my daily life. Hoping for the "unlimited potential" I will remain open to beliefs, people and situations relying on the universe to show me the way to go wherever I need to go or be. I feel that have accomplished a lot since I went to my first journeying Meetup last October and more is yet to come.
It's only appropriate to give you props for the class, your patience and wisdom and to say thank you for being part of my journey. I will close with the words of my yoga and meditation teachers at Ananda - in divine friendship, Sabine

It has been truly amazing and a great gift to me that I found Anke, first for massage and physical therapy for my twisted knee and hip ( which healed!)  and then to experience her teaching a shamanic class last year. I have seen Anke for several personal shamanic healing sessions with great success and I have since implemented powerful changes in my life. I have found Anke's work to be both enlightening and healing!
In the shamanic sessions she took me through a process which helped me to identify my key issues of concern, and much to my surprise, to find an answer as to how to deal with these issues in a new and positive way!
I have great confidence in her skills and knowledge and intuitive ability to help others on their journey to see and find practical ways to overcome obstacles and work with opportunities for spiritual growth!
Thank you, Anke!

Anke is a wonderful and beautiful human being. She did shamanic energy work on me with her illumination and soul retrieval techniques. She made my first experience very real and enlightening and it has only been a few days. She followed up with me to see how I was handling my experience, and she picked up on additional energy I was holding and we had a second session. This time she gave me a deep tissue massage with the lymphatic drainage and it was incredible. Along with more energy work. She has an intuitive touch and did a great job on me. I love her. 

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