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My Shamanic Mentoring Program:

Working together may be for you if...
  • You value your intuition as a guiding resource in your life
  • You desire to use your gifts by being in service to others
  • You seek to create your Destiny, rather than settling for Fate
  • You wish to experience life on your personal levelyou prefer experience over theory
  • You desire to connect to yourInstinctual Self and your Soul
  • You know that your Medicine comes from within; you seek Wisdom, rather than Knowledge                                                                                       
  • My Mentorship is designed to assist you in...
  • Awakening your intuitive abilities and discovering your mystical and magical gifts
  • An profound feeling of returning home to your Soul – your True Essence
  • Experiencing Wholeness, Integrity and a new Lightness of Being
  • Healing and deepening your relationship with your Ancestry
  • Learning to navigate your Personal Journeythrough Ownership, Self-Love and Purpose
  • Connect on an even deeper level with Pachamama and all Life
  • Opening to the Inner Healer and Shaman within you

 In this mentorship program we will work intimately and in-depth over the course of sequential sessions. We will allow the natural cycles of Pachamama (Mother Earth) to guide us gently through intuitive and shamanic exploration, development, practice, play, integration, ceremony, personal healing, and ultimately aligning you to your Intuitive Mastery. 

This program is designed for personal healing and empowerment.

Join the Journey of Self, Soul, Spirit and Service.

Your Mentorship Journey:
In this experiential 16 week class you will explore and release limiting beliefs and fears, enhance your intuition, discover your personal wisdom and deepen your relationship with the earth and all her relations. 

Acquire various tools, such as tracking energy in yourself and others, unbinding family and karmic restrictions, writing 3 card stories to reveal your Soul’s purpose, clearing your chakras, creating sacred space and much more.

During the 16 weeks you will receive the Munay-Ki rites. They will assist you in deepening your experience and connecting you with all life as an Earthkeeper.

You will be building your personal Mesa by infusing Kuyas (your Healing Stones) with your Medicine as we go. Your Medicine will come from the personal work you do over these 16 weeks. 

As a team:
We are aligned with the South American Lineage, The Q’ero Shamans from Peru. The Q'ero are the last of the Incas - a tribe of 600 who sought refuge at altitudes above 14,000 feet in order to escape the conquering conquistadors.

We follow their practices and rituals, and honor this beautiful tradition in its purity from the heart.


I welcome you with the deepest compassion and respect onto your Shamanic Path. If you are reading this you have already said YES to your Soul! Allow me to be of service to you and guide you through the magical world of Shamanism… we have been waiting for you!

What’s behind the numbers?
Numerology provides us with information about ourselves, situations and the way of the Universe in fascinating ways. Much like astrology it shows us one facet, a part of the whole picture, or a piece of perspective we can then put into context and complete the puzzle.

When I created my mentoring program I founded the rate partially on numerology to enhance its power, as I do with all the classes I teach. The value of this transformation in your life cannot be put into words… it bequests to be experienced.

2 hour session/week – number 2
4 Directions – number 4
$140 per week – number 5
$560 per month – number 11
$2240 for 16 weeks - number 8
Upon signing up I will send you a detailed report regarding the significance of all the numbers that come into play for you.

My mentoring program is suited for beginners, as well as advanced students and will be personalized and tailored to your needs. You may participate online or here in my precious sanctuary.

Come take your seat by the fire and be the author of your own Myth!

In the South we learn the ways of Sachamama, or the Serpent. We look at our stories and how they influence our reality. We learn and look at ways to shed stories that do not serve us. We work with the archetype of Healer, guiding ourselves to be our own greatest healer. We learn energy techniques, tools and practices that enable us to let go and guide us into living in Ayni, right relationship, with ourselves and everything around us.

In the West we work with the Jaguar, Ottorongo. We face our shadows and walk through our dark waters; we learn how to track our realities for those things and ways that do not serve us and we embrace impeccability and integrity. In this direction, we work with the archetype of Warrior, learn how to become luminous warriors, to walk with no enemies in this lifetime or the next. The tools and teachings of this direction guide us into having our heart needs met.

In the North we work with the Hummingbird, Siwarkente, the bringer of joy. In this direction, we learn how to defy our own gravity, to engage fully with life and drink directly from the nectar of life. We learn the ways of the ancestors, the mountains, and do ceremony to bring us into balance with the Earth, Pachamama. We come to see clearly from a place of self-reference, not reference to the outside reality. We work with the archetype of the Teacher and learn how to be our own greatest teacher.

In the East we work with Apuchine and Kuntor, the Eagle and the Condor. We learn how to live and think and act from our heart. We learn to work with time and space in a different manner, transcending our roles. We learn the ways of objectivity and focus, and how to fly wing-tip to wing-tip with the Divine, how to align ourselves with our call on this earth walk. We work with the archetype of the Seer or Visionary, illuminating our destinies for ourselves. The Art of the Medicine Wheel will change the way you live, see, and die. In over twenty years of exploring the healing arts, I have never come across more life altering teachings. I am grateful and honored to be able to share them with you. If you feel ‘tugged’ in any way towards this work, and can listen to that inner tug, there is a place that has been waiting for you since the beginning of time. 

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