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Traditional Massage:
Your visit begins with a brief consultation to define your intention for the session and  your individual needs. Each intuitively customized Massage (Unique Blend of Deep Tissue, Therapeutic, Neuromuscular, Lomi Lomi, Sports, Swedish, etc.) includes any combination - as indicated - of Hot Stones, Reflexology and Aroma Therapy, creating desired Physical and Physiological Changes, as well as encouraging Deep Detoxification and Emotional Balancing, leaving you transformed, rejuvenated and at Peace...

Traditional Massage Rates:
60 min -  $90
75 min -  $110
90 min -  $130

Save with Wellness Packages:

5x 60 min - $425 (save $25)
$85 (save $5 each)
10x 60 min - $800 (save $100)
$80 (save $10 each)

5x 75 min - $510 (save $40)
$102 (save $8 each)
10x 75 min - $950 (save $150)
$95 (save $15 each)

5x 90 min - $600 (save $50)
$120 (save $10 each)
10x 90 min - $1100 (save $200)
$110 (save $20 each)

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Bliss Combo:
Enjoy a deeply relaxing traditional Massage combined with Manual Lymph Drainage for ultimate Detoxification,  Nourishment and Rejuvenation.

Same Rates as Traditional Massage Rates apply - including Package deals


Shamanic Healing Massage Escondido, Energy Medicine Healer San Diego, Smudging, Chakra Balancing, Crystals, Sage, Crystal Wand, Tuning Forks

Shamanic Massage:
This unique and profoundly healing work integrates various Massage Styles and Energy Medicine to clear persistent, negative and self-sabotaging patterns that are keeping you stuck in physical ailments, unhealthy behaviors, relationships or circumstances. It releases pain, tension, stress, toxins, trauma and wounds by restoring your optimum vibrational resonance for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. 
By weaving traditional massage styles with shamanic elements I am able to create a deeply full filling and healing experience for you, honoring your whole being. Through my "tracking" your energy field and dialoguing we set the intention for your session, optimizing your desired outcome. 
In combination with massage I utilize crystals, my healing drum, chakra tuning forks, essential oils and energy work to unwind physical and energetic blockages, creating harmony and balance of Body, Mind, Heart and Soul. I also journey for your Power Animal, connecting you with this essence - your instinctual nature - to support your intention. 
The energetic shift and re-pattering will assist you in creating a peaceful and prosperous life of purpose, anchored in Harmony and Joy!

Shamanic Massage Rate:
120 min -      $190

Save with Wellness Packages:
 3x 120 min - $520 (save $50)
 5x 120 min - $880 (save $70)
10x 120 min - $1800 (save $100)

Water Voices
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Crystal and Sound Healing:
Find yourself transported to a place of deep rejuvenation and breathe...
Completely and fully relax to the sounds of drumming, crystal bowls and tuning forks as intuitively selected crystals are used around and on your body, clearing negative energy, promoting profound healing and harmonizing your whole being. 
$15 - only offered as addition 

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That Special Something...
Elevate your visit by adding one of these luxurious treatments, creating a profoundly relaxing and nurturing experience of Bliss… you deserve it!

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Unwind and Exhale – Prepare yourself for restful nights of slumber with this restorative treatment. Breathe easy, as warm moist towels are placed around your face and chest, opening your breathing passages and oxygenating your lungs.  A deeply relaxing facial massage, focusing on sinuses with a special blend of soothing essential oils releases tension and congestion. To complete this restorative treatment, your face is massaged with chilled stones, relieving puffiness, inflammation and sinus pain.
Featuring: Eucalyptus, Pine, Clove, Peppermint, Lemon and White Fir 
15 minutes - $20

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Clear your Mind – Experience Integration of Body and Mind, achieving a heightened state of awareness and contentment with this exhilarating treatment. Decompress from your busy day, as warm herbal towels are wrapped around your face, inducing complete relaxation. As your face is cocooned in the moist warmth, your scalp is being massaged with invigorating essential oils for exquisite tranquility. Light, vibrational tapping of forehead increases blood flow to your brain. As a finishing touch your temples and forehead are massaged with chilled stones, enhancing mental focus and clarity.
Featuring: Rosemary, Bergamot, Sage, Cedarwood, Basil, Peppermint and Orange
15 minutes - $20

Lymphatic Massage Escondido, Manual Lymph Drainage San Diego, Lymphatic Massage Rancho Santa Fe, Sound Bath, Sound Healing, Sound Therapy, Crystal healing
Get in the Flow – A Retreat for your complexion and nervous system, this purifying treatment boosts your immune system and strengthens capillaries. Indulge your skin from the inside out, as a warm herbal wrap placed on your face and neck, increasing circulation and lymphatic flow. A combination of gentle cupping and manual lymph drainage encourages the release of toxins, reducing puffiness and dark circles around eyes. My special blend of skin nourishing essential oils penetrates skin deeply, soothing fine lines, tightening the skin and increasing collagen production. Enhancing this rejuvenating treatment, your face is massaged with chilled stones, leaving you with a radiant glow.
Featuring: Cypress, Sage, Lemongrass, Carrot, Chamomile and Frankincense
20 minutes - $25

Therapeutic Massage Escondido, Massage Therapy San Diego, Massage Therapy Rancho Santa Fe, Massage Therapy La Costa, Sound Healing, Sound Therapy, Crystal Healing
Back into Balance – Float into Serenity and let go of your worries with this harmonizing treatment, invoking healing at the deepest level. Feel yourself transported to a place of ultimate bliss, as warm, herbal towels hug your face, releasing strain and stress. Facial pressure points are stimulated with calming essential oils, beginning at your temples and forehead to your jaw, melting away muscle tension, aiding in relief of headaches, migraines and TMJ pain. Rounding out this revitalizing treatment, your jaw and temples are massaged with chilled stones, soothing your facial muscles and nerves.
Featuring: Lavender, Rosewood, Chamomile, Palo Santo and Geranium 
20 minutes - $25
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