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Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD)
(Vodder Method):

Feather like, rhythmic strokes reduce pain and swelling, aid detoxification and boost immune system; excellent after any surgery, for acute trauma or to support cleansing. The profound effects of this treatment will speed recovery and healing exponentially.


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Manual Lymph Drainage Rates:

Neck and Face (only)Treatment:
Recommended for allergies, migraines, chronic headaches, sinus conditions,  whiplash, following dental and facial surgery/procedures, puffy eyes, skin conditions etc.

30 min -      $50

Save with Wellness Packages:
 5x 30 min - $225 (save $25)
Per Visit - $45 (save $5 each)
10x 30 min - $400 (save $100)
Per Visit - $40 (save $10 each)
Body Treatment:
Recommended for detoxification, general fluid retention, post-surgery (particularly cosmetic such as tummy tuck, breast argumentation, body sculpting, lipo suction and more), constipation, chronic fatigue, lime disease, and other auto-immune symptoms, arthritis, following  childbirth, stress, anxiety, insomnia, etc.

60 min -      $90

Save with Wellness packages:
 5x 60 min - $425 (save $25)
Per Visit - $85 (save $5 each)
10x 60 min - $800 (save $100)
Per Visit - $80 (save $10 each)

Bliss Combo:
Enjoy the best of both worlds and combine my superb traditional Massage with Manual Lymph Drainage for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. This is a full body treatment.

Same rates as Body Treatment apply.

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"My Manual Lymph Drainage treatment was awesome today! I've only had the machine version before and I can tell you that manual is far more effective. It was very deep, very relaxing and very nearly put me to sleep a couple of times. I also have the beginning of lymphedema in my ankles so I'm planning to ask Anke for the combo each week: Massage + Lymph Drainage."

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Manual Lymph Drainage:

Created by Dr. Emil and Mrs. Estrid Vodder in the early 1930's Manual Lymph Drainage MLD stimulates the lymphatic system, encouraging the elimination of metabolic waste products, excess fluid and harmful bacteria. 
Significantly aiding in cell regeneration it works deeply on your nervous and muscular system, promoting relaxation, detoxification and overall health. To achieve desired results it is imperative to find a qualified Massage Therapist with thorough training and experience. 
To enhance your Manual Lymph Drainage I also utilize Aroma Therapy, strengthening the Lymph System. MLD's many healing benefits help you with: 
* Lymph Edema Treatment
* Post-Surgery (Plastic, Orthopedic, Dental)
* Migraines, Headaches, Whiplash
* Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue
* Skin Conditions (Acne, Eczema, Burns)
* Fluid Retention, Swollen Joints, Puffy Eyes
* Sprains and Strains
* Tendinitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
* Stress and Anxiety
* Stroke, Craniocerebral Trauma
* Poor Sleep Patterns
* Difficulty with Digestion or Elimination
* PMS, Menopause, Cramps, Hot Flashes
* Stretch Marks, Cellulite and  Wrinkles...


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On a personal note:
Manual Lymph Drainage is very close to my heart due to its sweet, yet powerful healing effect, as well as its harmonizing, balancing emotional component.  Its benefits include deep relaxation, improved nutrient exchange in all cells, detoxification, regeneration of soft tissue and enhancement of immune system. It makes an excellent addition for a cleanse you might be considering, along with detoxifying baths. During my training, receiving daily treatments I was amazed at the level of improvement I felt in my overall well being:
* Increased energy
* Improved vision
* Decreased joint and muscle pain
* Improved sleep pattern
* Increased mental clarity
* Enhanced sensation of taste and smell
* Reduced stress
* Improved digestion, no bloating
* Radiant skin and shiny hair
In short, the results were profound and impressive, leaving me feeling completely rejuvenated and a fan of Manual Lymph Drainage for life!

This treatment may be contra-indicated for some people, depending upon your health and overall physical condition. Be sure you discuss any concerns with your treating practitioner and obtain physician's clearance if necessary. For more information and to discuss an appropriate treatment plan for you please contact me:

Anke @ 858-531-6123

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