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Anke Kramer, H.H.P. 
License # CEP 11194

Anke Kramer, H.H.P.

Massage Therapist Escondido, Holistic Health Practitioner Escondido, Therapeutic Massage Escondido, Massage Therapy La Costa, Massage Therapy Rancho Santa Fe, Shamanic Healing, Shaman, Energy Medicine
Born and educated in Germany I established my multifaceted career in the healing arts in 1991 with a degree in Physiotherapy from the University Clinic Cologne. Since moving to San Diego with my young son in 1992, I have dedicated myself to enhancing the lives of others through my healing, teaching and being of service. I received my Holistic Health Practitioner license from Healing Hands in 2002, going on to owning my own successful private practice in beautiful Encinitas, California. Dreams do come true! With things at the coast getting busier by the minute, I recently realized yet another dream... I moved to Del Dios into an amazing new home and work space mountainside, overlooking Lake Hodges. This space is truly magical...
As an Empath I have always been acutely aware of another's physical, mental and emotional pain and I am truly grateful to be able to live my my purpose, assisting you in your healing and mending the trauma and wounds of your past. Trust my skills, experience and warm, genuine presence to help you gain and maintain optimal health and balance of your whole being.

Close to my heart is Manual Lymph Drainage, one of the most profound ways to release harmful toxins from your body, relieving symptoms of pain and stress and encourage speedy recovery and sound health from within. Due to its gentle, nurturing touch and my handcrafted essential oil blends it also serves emotional release and healing at the deepest level. Working at Palomar Hospital for many years I developed deep compassion for those in acute pain. This treatment takes me right back and allows me to effectively support you in recovering from injury, surgery and crisis.
Regardless of your goals and intentions for a healing session, my wide variety of skills from firm Deep Tissue Work to gentle Manual Lymph Drainage and Energy Medicine, or anything in between, you are in excellent hands!

I stepped onto my Shamanic Path by enrolling into the Light Body School at the Four Winds Society in early 2013 with the clear vision of integrating and teaching this beautiful, ancient healing tradition here in the States, as well as abroad. 
Throughout my multifaceted career in the healing arts I established myself wholeheartedly in the teaching arena and being of service. Fueled by my passion for innovative leadership, I invite you embark on your personal Journey by tapping into universal wisdom, rather than studying knowledge, My vision is to assist you in healing yourself by utilizing my gifts and experience, empowering you to take stewardship of your life with clarity and joy.
Raising my now 36 year old son Josh, I developed sincere appreciation of the unique challenges we are facing in our rapidly changing world today. It is even more relevant for my beautiful granddaughters and how to guide them safely.
Drawing on my colorful life experience, compassion and insight I assist you in connecting with your authentic source of power... your Soul.

Shamanic Healing, Energy Healing, Chakra Clearing, Energy Medicine, Alternative Medicine

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