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Feeling stuck?
Dealing with an issue you simply can't resolve or shift? Schedule a Shamanic Reading and receive answers, direction and a Power Animal to move you forward!

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"Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease." 


"I've been seeing Anke since 2004 while I was playing in the NFL. She is a very talented, caring professional who is helpful in facilitating one's spiritual Journey toward self awareness."
Donny Edwards,
Former NFL Player

Come in and see for yourself how Deep Healing and Luxurious Rejuvenation allows you to re-group, gain inner strength and clarity and meet your world from a place of power and poise.

Call today to schedule your appointment and make your health a priority for yourself!


 "Every human is an artist. The dream of your life is to make beautiful art."
* Don Miguel Ruiz *


Massage Gift Certificate is the perfect Gift for your loved one!

Give the Gift of Healing!

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Are you tired of "Damage Control as a Lifestyle"? Do you set powerful resolutions for the new year, only to feel that power fizzle after a few weeks? Would you like to finally wake up from "Groundhog Day"?  Step into your power by acquiring simple yet subtle tools and transform your life from within! Embark on your Hero's Journey with the exciting map you create in my experiential and fun Shamanic Class:

Powerful transformation and miracles happen in the safe and fun environment we share! You will be presented with opportunities to finally create lasting change in your life by seeing and doing things differently! Classes are ongoing, stay tuned for dates!


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Now bringing these empowering and transformational tools to our Youth! If you would like your teenager to get a head start and assist them in navigating their life with balance, joy and purpose, enroll them in this interactive class and watch them soar!

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Contact me to inquire about this unique class or to schedule a private Shamanic Healing Session for your Youth to give them a head start in life!

For deep healing of core issues you might want to come in for a personal Shamanic Healing or Shamanic Coaching Session! Together we will create a new path of vision and purpose for you.
I invite you to connect with your authentic source of power, your Soul.


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That Special Something...
Elevate your visit by adding one of my luxurious mini treatments to your massage, creating a profoundly relaxing and nurturing experience of Bliss… you deserve it!

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Are you feeling sluggish, stuck or suffer from inflammation in your joints, muscles and digestive tract?

Check out:
(Vodder Method)
Feather like, rhythmic strokes reduce pain and swelling, aid detoxification and boost immune system; excellent after any surgery, for acute pain and trauma, such as whiplash and migraines or to support cleansing.


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If you would like to explore Shamanic Practices, learn about universal archetypes and be guided on Journeys through the three worlds, join me in my new Meetup Group every other Wednesday. Must RSVP for each separate date. Click here for more information:

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As former Massage Therapist to the San Diego Chargers and with a longstanding career of 25 years in Massage/Physical Therapy and Energy Medicine you can trust my multi-faceted skills, deep compassion and keen intuition to address your needs swiftly and successfully. 

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In my Massage Practice I specialize in
By utilizing Massage and Manual Lymph Drainage and other modalities I am able to intervene promptly (as soon as possible after trauma occurs) to ensure pain relief, speedy recovery and long term healing. 
Oftentimes we unconsciously manifest injuries to bring about a healing crisis that allows us to go within and explore underlying emotional causes we have been avoiding. In my Shamanic Healing Session we address those issues, remove blockages and triggers to clear your energetic field, empowering you to take charge of your life with joy and passion!
I invite you to experience any of my excellent healing services in my soothing, nurturing Sanctuary and begin to heal... isn't it time? 


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Join us for Advanced Journeying and connect with Kindred Spirits as we explore different worlds to receive valuable information about our Path and Purpose! Be your Best in 2017!
Class begins February 5th!


Shamanic Massage:
This unique and profound healing work integrates various Massage Styles and Energy Medicine to clear persistent, negative and self-sabotaging patterns that are keeping you stuck in physical ailments, unhealthy behaviors, relationships or circumstances... read more here.

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Massage Award:
Embrace Infinity was selected for
2011 "Best of Encinitas" Award
in Massage Therapy by the US Commerce Association (USCA).


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Summer is here and families embark on trips - short or long - and our rhythm changes! This time can be exciting or overwhelming, depending on your personal frame of mind... Take a few moments each day to contemplate what's important in your life and how you visualize your future! Spending time in stillness and  journaling is an important tool to map yourself and consciously navigate your path. As you journal, you take time to pause and bring focus to what you would like to let go of and then set your intention on manifesting your desires and dreams. Nurture yourself physically, mentally,  emotionally and spiritually by putting yourself first. What feels right to you? Quiet time with a nice cup of tea, a leisurely walk in nature, a good book, a massage, a soothing chat with a dear friend...
Not only is it important to care for our physical bodies, but our energetic bodies as well. Being focused is of essence, so we will want to feel our best on every level. Allow me to assist you in creating harmony and balance within your whole being. Massage and Energy Medicine are essential components to being grounded and centered, allowing us to feel gratitude for all the good in our lives.


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My deep knowledge and versatile skill set will assist you in relieving acute or chronic pain patterns. Whether you are an avid athlete looking to increase performance, stressed out in your job, or simply looking to take time for yourself to rejuvenate your senses. Making a commitment to your health and well being starts here. Choose a Massage Style or allow your body's needs to unfold in your session organically, as we co-create your healing experience.


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Gift Certificates are the perfect Gift for your loved one...
Give the Gift of Healing...
Easy to order by mail here!

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Every Massage includes personalized Aroma Therapy, Reflexology and my intuitive blend of Massage for optimal results. Check out my Rates and various Massage Styles to customize your unique session.


World Peace Encinitas

My vision of a world in unity is centered in Munay (pure Love) , Soul Expression and Collective Empowerment through shamanic living practices.
Being in Ayni - right relationship - with the Earth and all Creation, individually and in community we dream this world into being.
Schedule a Shamanic Healing Session, utilizing the illumination process, or receive the Munay-Ki rites in Class or your personal mentoring sessions and experience the power of this beautiful, ancient healing tradition.

In Munay, Anke Kramer

Path of Beauty, Joanne Shenandoah with Peter Kater
Native American Massage Music
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